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Dust ya shoulders off

Spotlight: You belong to you and no one else. You are the sole owner of your heart, spirit, and mind. You create emotion and gift it to those around you. You are not a shareholder, you are the owner.

1. What happened during the journey

There are so many people in your life that endorse reactions from you. You return these endorsements with a body of work. Sometimes when you choose to give your art to others, you will meet a loss. Now, this doesn't happen all the time but surely when you don't research the venue you are performing in. This comes down to the people you choose to give your time and energy to, those people you shouldn't have.

Years fly by and your brain asks your heart if they’ve lost you? Your lips whisper "no", but you hands reply “yes”, and as a matter of fact you have no idea what you want. At this point, you are just running on fumes. Excuses consistently roll in, “gas is too high, I can’t afford to worry about me, I can gas up somewhere cheaper, just wait for another mile or 2 maybe another year or few”. You’ve knowingly speed past your substance to find any soul that found yours "fair". That day, your mind reminded you to never fall for that trick ever again. You nod your head in silence and begin to head home.

2. End of the road

What a relief would it be to be able to return home, and find everything exactly where you left it. I am sorry to say it, but that is not the way it works. Rather upon arrival, you will find the door cracked (how it got in). Your curtains are missing (because everyone saw). Your kitchen is cleared (it left you unfulfilled). Your furniture is gone( it took what was valuable). And your roof continues to leak (it left you endless memories). Tell me darling, whose property do you stand in.

How many dreams have you let pass without introducing them to the world? Sometimes we don’t realize that we owe dues to ourselves. The side effects of not investing in your own happiness right now will certainly come full force in the form of depression, anxiety, feeling unfulfilled, and sometimes envy. Getting out of your own way, communicating with people who truly have your best interest, and always “dusting ya shoulda off” are great steps towards getting out of debt with yourself.

3. We U-turn anywhere round here

If your first thought was someone else's name, then we have work to do. You and everything that grows within is yours to keep and explore. All of those ideas, dreams, and passions that you think about as the hour's pass, those are yours to build and connect. When you put your dreams in the hands of others, you become accustomed to watching art displace itself and wilt away. It is against your best intention to allow anyone to be the determining factor of immaculate reflection of yourself that you want to see. Many of us have learned this the hard way, and are still paying for it. There is nothing wrong with you wanting happiness, searching and working for those things that bring you closer to it. But I promise if you give that away at the expense of someone who doesn't worry about your closure like you do theirs. You will continue to lose the benefits of being alive. Loving and trusting your own mind and heart will keep you safe and full always. And when the time comes for someone to genuinely exchange love, passion, trust, and secrets, your home will grow tremendously. Peace of mind is the roof over your head, and quality of life lies within the structure of your home. When anyone takes away from that you must remember to...

1. Politely endorse the removal of their traitorous energy from this house.

2. Rebuild the confidence in you. Baby, confidence is key. Unlock your potential, and stand in the spotlight of a renovated you.

You made it this far because you hear me, and I give credit where credit is due. So my darling, this credit belongs to you.