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Day 13

Anyone else turn into the Grinch during the winter? I mean I love a crackling fire and hot cocoa like the next gal. But stepping out into the very disrespectful snow and icy sharp wind...yeahhh..that'll be a hot "NO" for me.

Although the winter and I are exes, I still have to give my love to him for reminding me to appreciate those things I take for granted. Like a warm home, car, clothes, etc. I have never imagined walking outside into the heart of winter without the company of a warm coat. Today, I will be donating to #coatsforkids here in Austin. If there is another organization in your local area that offers coats for kids during this time, please comment below with their website or social media info. I would love to make a donation to their organization. I also invite you to give warmth to a child this chilly season by donating to any of these organizations. Stay warm!