Adventures & Looks

Are your bags packed? Here are some of the places I've visited, treats I've tasted, and tips on how you can visit too!

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Costa Rica

A few years ago I was a young, broke college student bored of my day-to-day ways. One day, while on campus I saw a flyer for a "Study Abroad Interest Meeting". Of course, I was immediately intrigued. Forgetting the fact that I was way to poor to travel out of state, let alone out of the country, I thought "awww who cares, I can't lose any money checking it out right"? So I went to the meeting and listened to the program director talk about locations (which were amazing), and costs(which weren't). After the meeting I felt a mix of eagerness and defeat (cause remember...I'm bri-zoke). Although I knew I couldn't afford these $11,000+ programs without taking out a loan, I keep having this feeling like there was another option. YES, I WILL TRAVEL BY BOAT!!! Ok, so that option wasn't going to work, but after some thorough research and hours of daydreaming, I finally hit my jackpot program! USAC!! The University Studies Abroad Consortium program, was inexpensive, safe, and right on time! The Costa Rica program cost me about $5k, and the price of the flights there weren't bad at all. So I quickly jumped into the program, and the rest is history. Literally it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Interested in studying abroad? Check out this program, they truly are one of the best!