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It's always love!

My name is Suhailah, casually known as "Sue Sue". I was raised in North Carolina, but since 2016 I've chosen Texas as my new home. Here you will find the experience of a young African-American Muslim woman. I am one of thirteen siblings, so family values are kinda my thing. Some of my favorite things to do certainly include traveling, and eating (so get ready). Being African-American and Muslim have definitely created a place for interesting experiences. Some that I loved, and some...not so much. But with each experience, gained or missed opportunity, there is a story to tell. I have chosen to bring my understanding of life and it's lessons to this platform, and to offer solutions or at least a different view for each circumstance. Giving back to my community is a necessary offering that I hope to grow. Thank you for taking the time to check me out! Let's get started...